You’re Not Exempt From Cause and Effect [#EatThisBook – Exodus 9]

by Andrew Forrest

The Lord sends plague after plague in Exodus 9, and each time, though he momentarily seems to waver, Pharaoh refuses to relent. Why? Why does he persist in a course of action that will inevitably lead to his destruction? Better yet: why do we?

One of the perverse parts of human nature: we will persist in behaviors that are?obviously?hurting us. Why? I think it’s because we prefer to pretend that the link between cause and effect won’t actually apply to?us. Other people need to worry about cause and effect, but we’re exempt.


As soon as the Lord removes a plague, Pharaoh believes that it won’t happen again, that he can continue to oppress the Israelites without facing that effect. And then the Lord sends another plague. Pharaoh acts, and the Lord sends the consequence.

Where are you ignoring cause and effect today?

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Melinda Smith September 3, 2014 - 9:06 pm

This morning, I was reading Max Lucado’s devotional. Seems he has coined the phrase “holy hostility!” These chapters of Pharoah ignoring the plagues and God sending another might be considered God’s “holy hostility.” What ‘cha think?

Andrew Forrest September 4, 2014 - 9:04 am

Yes, I like that phrase. The Lord is hostile sin, among other things.


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