You Need to Know the Background to This Prayer

by Andrew Forrest

My friend Lin Thomas is blind. He was diagnosed a few years ago with irreversible glaucoma; the doctor who evaluated him told him, “You’ll never work again.”

Lin can’t work, but he’s busy. He rides up and down on the DART train in Dallas making connections with troubled young men who remind him of himself when he was younger. His disability has given him the time to do that sort of thing.

Lin lives on a disability check. Even in straitened financial circumstances, he tithes–gives 10%–to our church.

Last Sunday, Lin gave me a prayer he’d written, and I asked him to read it in church today. Here’s his prayer (text below the video):

Lin Thomas’s Thanksgiving Prayer

(1 Thessalonians 5:18: Give Thanks Always)

Father, thank you for the life that we live;

Thank you for the love that you give;

Thank you for the food that we eat;

Thank you for a strong heartbeat;

Thank you for the water we drink;

Thank you for the thought we think;

Thank you for the pleasure and pain;

Thank you for the sunshine and rain;

Thank you for a place here on Earth;

Thank you for the grace of our birth.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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