My One Word for 2016

Resolutions don’t work. Rather than focusing on a list of specific ways we want to live differently each year, I’ve written the last two years about a better alternative: focusing and living into a one word theme for the new year.

"Playing a Fish," by Winslow Homer [Wikimedia Commons]

My One Word for 2016

If it ain’t broke….  For 2016 I’m keeping the same word I’ve had the previous two years.

My one word for 2016 is early.

I want to:

  • wake up early
  • pray early
  • workout early
  • finish tasks early
  • get to appointments early
  • finish my sermon early
  • get to bed early

What about you?  What’s your one word for 2016?  Why?


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16 thoughts on “My One Word for 2016

  1. My one word last year was “simplify”. I am not sure I did very well with that. I think I simplified some things and then filled up the vacuum created by that by complicating other things. So, under this plan, can I have more than one word? I want to try a different version of simplify and see if that works better. So that word is “discard”, as in get rid of stuff I don’t need (all the clutter in my closet, car, home, office, etc.). But the reason I want to use more than one word, is I really like your word “early”. So I am going to have two words. Discard and Early. I have to be careful how I apply discard. Don’t want to discard friends (but I might discard some friends on Facebook and I might discard all but one social media venue). I would love to hear the “one word” of other Mungarians, as I might like theirs better than mine. I could adopt some of those as well (but then apply my one word “discard” to get rig of some of them)

    • There is something powerful about discarding the things that fill up our lives but that don’t really matter. Good for you.

      I had a dentist appointment on Monday and deliberately got to the appointment early just to sit and be still. My wife is an early person; I’m the kind of person for whom early takes effort. But, it sure is worth it.

  2. Read is mine:
    Read The Bible
    Read personal development books
    Read training materials
    Read about fitness
    Read about nutrition
    Read more

    You’ve been a great role model Andrew

    • I love this. One of my goals for the year (as it’s been the lat 2 years) is to read 50 books. I reached 40 this year….

  3. Great idea! My word for 2016 is value.

    I will live my values – It is too easy to be sold someone else’s life unless I clearly identify what matters most.

    I will value others – I know that I have the power to encourage and lift up those around me if I choose to pay attention

    I will value challenges – I will redefine failure and seek to recognize and appreciate the lessons to be learned during life’s difficult times

    I will value wisdom – There is an infinite amount of knowledge out there. Unless I am truly asking the right questions, I am limiting the impact that I could have.

    I value each day – Life is too short to not smile, do things we enjoy, and take the opportunity to let others know they matter.

    Happy New Year!

  4. My one word is Faith: anxiety, worry and fear have held their places for too long. I have a serious lack of faith or a long lived crisis of faith. Faith is rarely my first reaction. My word is Faith.

  5. I try to always wait on my word to find me, rather than choosing the word based on how I feel/want to feel. As I drove back from visiting my parents last week, I spotted an auto repair shop named Chelsie’s – how strange, right? Hardly ever see auto shops named after girls much less spelled like my name. So as I drove on, I settled on “repair.” What that means God has yet to reveal, but I like the sound of it and I’m eager to find out how it works its way into 2016!