In Praise of SNL’s Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett

by Andrew Forrest

Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett are the funniest, smartest comedians to be on Saturday Night Live in a long time. (At least, that’s my humble and accurate opinion.) They both have a great ear for the ridiculous and a talent for satire that’s not cruel. Here are some examples of their work.


Reality House

We’ve come to take it for granted, but, as Kyle and Beck’s deadpan voice-overs and bogus one-on-ones with the camera make clear in this sketch, reality television is a ridiculous, boring genre. (I love the furniture-throwing at the end.)

Cool (with Ryan Gosling)

I think my favorite part of this satire of Friday evening 90’s network sitcoms?is Kyle Mooney’s flat “Doug?” voice and the laughtrack. (Ryan Gosling is a great 3rd man.)

March Madness (Ariana Grande)

This is one of those completely silly skits that just works because of the earnest stupidity of Kyle and Beck. My 6 year-old thinks it’s hilarious, and I agree. (It doesn’t hurt that Ariana Grande is one of those celebrity guests who knows how to play the straight man.) My son’s?favorite line: “And we’ll bring the FROGS!” My favorite line: “We’ll probably just bring ’em.”

Mr. Riot Films

Here’s my question: is the man with the hardhat a plant, or did they actually ambush him?

Kyle vs. Kanye

I think the self-involved and self important emotional tone is just?perfect.

Comedy Club

The eyeroll and then the teary-eyes–it’s so painful and so funny.

Baby CEO

Are his movements perfect, or what?

Love these guys.


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