The Hard Questions Have Already Been Asked

by Andrew Forrest

As I wrote on Wednesday, I believe strongly that Christians?do not need to?be afraid of hard, honest questions about the Faith. One reason is?because‘the hardest questions have already been asked, by Christian theologians themselves. Often, in fact, the people asking those questions were the theologians of the ancient church, people like Origen and Augustine. (Origen, to cite one example, took on the opening chapters of Genesis and wondered–15 centuries before Darwin–whether the biblical account was meant to be taken literally.) There are many good, hard questions that you and I haven’t ever considered, but I guarantee you that someone else has considered them. So the?next time someone asks you a hard question about faith, don’t panic, but say, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.” Then, hit the library and find out what the ancient church had to sat about the matter.



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