What This Picture Means to Me

by Andrew Forrest

From Tuesday evening through Wednesday afternoon, my website went down.  I know you folks have been worried sick that the Russians got to me.  Good news: I’m okay, and it appears we fixed the problem.  The eagle will fly again.

Last night, we had a youth ministry volunteer vision dinner.  I was really worried about it–would anybody show up, and if they did, would it even be worth it?

We ended up having a great turnout and a great time, and we closed the evening by having folks circle up in small groups and pray for our students and our church.  I took the photo above while folks were praying.

I’ve been worried about taking over the leadership of our youth ministry this fall.

  • Is the additional responsibility going to drive me into the ground?  Will I be able to keep up my energy?  Will this commitment hurt my family?
  • Will anyone step up to help?  Are we going to get buy-in from parents?
  • Will any families show up at our kickoff?  Will any students show up after that?
  • Will any of this even work?

Seeing all those folks praying last night was a good reminder:

Everything is going to be all right.  We are so blessed.



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1 comment

Janet Todd August 31, 2018 - 9:25 am

Well done Andrew. It seems like a million years ago that we were praying in a similar room in Richmond, Virginia. Many young people were brought to Christ in the years that followed. You definitely have a gift with the teens. Keep up the good work. Cheering you on from afar.


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