Five Fun Things for Friday

by Andrew Forrest

It’s been a long week or so–lots of bad news. Here are five fun things to cheer up your Friday as you head into the weekend:




10 years ago my wife and I enjoyed watching the NBC dramedy (comedrama?)?Chuck. I recently saw it was on Amazon Prime and watched a few episodes. I’d forgotten how much I liked it. I need to write up?Chuck?in a separate post, but if you want to watch something fun and funny and endearing,?Chuck should be your first choice. (The video below is the Australian(!) promo.)




Nickel Creek at the Tiny Desk

I used to love seeing the band Nickel Creek play, and so was delighted to stumble across their 2014 reunion concert at NPR Music’s Tiny Desk. So great.


“The Wrestling Pastor”

There is a Twitter account run by a small-town pastor who takes gifs from pro wrestling and overlays captions that relate to local church life. I LOVE THIS ACCOUNT.

Some examples:






“Africa” by Peter Bence

People are amazing. If there is one thing the internet is good for, it’s showing us how amazing some people are. Take this example: the Hungarian pianist Peter Bence covers the 1980’s Toto hit “Africa.” He’s obviously a virtuoso, but you have to see him play to get the full effect. (My kids were really impressed when I showed them this.)


“Kings and Queens” by Mat Kearney

My baby girl was dancing around the house this morning as I was playing this song. I first saw Mat Kearney in Richmond, VA in 2006 or so, in a little club with about 20 other people. I wasn’t yet married. 12 years later and happily married, as we head into the weekend I know firsthand how right he is:

I don’t need much with you my love
‘Cause the champagne drains and the airplane fame turns into rust
I don’t need much with you my love
‘Cause the Hollywood hills won’t ever make me feel as good as us
(You got me singin’)
We don’t need no bankroll make us feel alive
We don’t need no benzo to feel like we can ride
Richer than Solomon with you by my side
We’ll be kings and queens in our own mind
We don’t need no jet plane feel like we can fly
We don’t need no cold chain just to watch it shine
Twenty four carat lies we don’t got the time
We’ll be kings and queens in our own mind
I got everything I’ll ever need
You can cash every check try to buy a respect that’s incomplete
I got everything I’ll ever need
Don’t gotta make it to the top yeah to know what I got
With you and me
(You got me singin’)


Happy Friday.




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