7 Reasons To Read Through the Gospels in 2019

by Andrew Forrest

I’m reading through the Gospels in 2019. We’ll read each Gospel through once, and the readings are only assigned Monday-Friday, so we’ll read at a pace with which anyone can keep up. Here are 7 reasons you should join me.

1. The #First15 Will Change Your Life

Nothing you can do will have a greater effect on your life than spending the first 15 minutes of the day in prayer, silence, and scripture.

2. You Need a Plan to Follow

Trying to read the Bible without a plan is like going to the gym without a plan: you’ll end up accomplishing far less than you would otherwise, you’ll play to your strengths, and you’ll quit too early.

3. You Will Have Unexpected Difficulties in 2019

The best way to prepare for the unknown is to develop greater peace and poise beforehand. Reading the Bible is something the Holy Spirit uses to give us those things.

4. These Are The Most Important Documents in the World

Even if you aren’t sure that you trust the Gospels, you simply must read them if you want to be an educated person. They are the most important documents ever written, and it’s not even close.

5. I’ll Post Everyday (So Subscribe)

I’ll be posting something short every day (or, at least every weekday) to help you get the most out of your reading. You can subscribe to receive a brief post on each weekday’s reading here.

6. Your Kids Can Do It, Too

Kids from elementary school on up can absolutely read through the Gospels. Do it as a family challenge for 2019.

7. You Have No Excuses!

  • The readings will take about 5 minutes a day;
  • Will only be on the weekdays;
  • Are so short that you can easily catch up if you fall behind;
  • And won’t be from any of the difficult Old Testament passages, but only the Gospels.

In other words, you have no excuses!

[For more info, see mungerplace.org/bible.]

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