How to Tell If You Are a Hypocrite

by Andrew Forrest
[I’m reading through the Gospels this year, and every weekday I’m posting some thoughts on that day’s reading. Here’s today’s post.]

Take this Test to See if You are a Hypocrite

Are you breathing?

I’m sorry to tell you: you are a hypocrite.

Still not convinced?

Do you judge other people by their actions but yourself by your intentions?

Congratulations, you are definitely a hypocrite.

Still not persuaded? There is one final test.

Go look in the mirror.  Only hypocrites can be seen in the mirror.

I kid. But seriously. When Jesus tells us not to judge, he doesn’t mean that we should refrain from discerning between right and wrong, good and evil. He means that we should beware putting ourselves in the morally superior position of the Judge. We’re not the Judge; we’re the same as everybody else: we’re all hypocrites.

Which means we all need mercy.

Today’s Scripture

Matthew 7:1-6

In Case You Missed It

I preached a whole sermon about this passage on Sunday:

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