Letter from an African Boy

by Andrew Forrest

I was touched by this simple letter I just received from a boy my family sponsors in Kenya.


Dear Andrew
I hope that you are fine with your family members
Am also fine together with my family members
here in Kenya We are so happy to hear
that your doing well with your family there
I thank you for the Christmas gift you sent
to me.  I was happy; together with my family
members,  I went and bought clothes, food, and shoes
i weared them well and looked smart.  Everybody looked me and
Everybody cheered me happily.  Did you celebrated the Christm-
as? or you did not? If you celebrated I think you saw
it well.
Here in Kenya we celebrated it well.  i dont know you
if you celebrated it well. I think the lord protected you
and i.  I celebrated it well with out any problem
even you: I think so.
I will finish with a memory verse.  Roman 10:18 So faith
comes from what is herd and what is herd comes by the
preaching of christ.
Your Faithfully

May God bless you in great ways, little brother!

[The author is 13 years old, and we were connected with him through Compassion International. Compassion is a beautiful organization that I’ve been involved with for 15 years or so.]

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Deborah Causwell March 2, 2019 - 6:55 pm

Loved it!


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