When It’s Time to Fight

by Andrew Forrest

The Mount of Olives overlooks Jerusalem, and on Palm Sunday Jesus comes down the Mount of Olives in a triumphant procession as he enters the city. The excitement around Jesus has been slowly coming to a boil, but each time the lid is about to blow off, Jesus calms the crowds, or quickly withdraws, or tells the people not to say anything. Palm Sunday, however, is the moment when Jesus goes public. He encourages the shouts of Hosanna and the waving of the palm branches; his procession is a deliberately provocative and political act. And, just a few days later, he’ll be crucified.

So, why does he do it?

I think the answer is that it’s finally time for him to engage the fight. Jesus was born to die. Up to this moment, he has been biding his time. Now that the time has come, he’s ready.

At some point, the difficult thing can’t be avoided–it must be engaged.

Today’s Scripture:

Matthew 21:1-11

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