Marriage in Heaven?

by Andrew Forrest

I heard Tim Mackie make two points about today’s reading that I found helpful.

First, the Sadducees were the religious elite who controlled the chief priest’s position in Jerusalem. (They were not natural allies of the Pharisees.) Tim Mackie compared them to Scientologists today: a relatively small group made up of wealthy people.

Second, what about Jesus saying there is no marriage in heaven? That seems sad–does that mean we’ll have no families in heaven? Tim Mackie pointed out that we have umbilical cords for the first few months of life, and we absolutely need them. Then, after we are born, we no longer need what seemed so essential to us before. In some way, this is what marriage is like: it’s necessary here on earth, but will give way to something better in heaven. I don’t really understand that or like it, if I’m being honest, but I at least acknowledge it makes sense, and I need to remember that God’s plans are always better for us than anything we could have thought of ourselves.

Today’s Scripture:

Matthew 22:23-46

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