The Two Brothers

by Andrew Forrest

In the Parable of the Lost Sons, Jesus shows how there are two ways of destroying relationships:

  • The younger son shows the “external way of destroying relationships: outright sin, rebellion, and selfishness;
  • The older son shows the “internal” way of destroying relationships: self-righteousness, pride, and resentment.

Note how both ways destroy relationships, but they each do so in different ways. And note how the father wants reconciliation with both sons, regardless.

The danger to the younger son is obvious: his behavior is immediately self-destructive. But the danger to the older son is more subtle and insidious, and in some ways scarier: he thinks he is right even as his self-righteousness is keeping him out of the party.

I suspect that most of us have more in common with the older son than the younger.

How is your pride keeping you from being reconciled with someone today?

Today’s Scripture:

Luke 15:11-32

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